Manufacturing Excellence

Sri Lanka’s first and largest…

Our state-of-the-art new manufacturing facility is the first and largest general oral solid and liquid dosage production facility to comply with WHO GMP and EU GMP quality standards


Largest investment to date of LKR 3.8 Bn in pharma manufacturing in Sri Lanka.
1st Sri Lankan general oral solid dosage (OSD) and oral liquid dosage (OLD) manufacturing facility with WHO GMP and EU GMP compliant infrastructure and quality management systems.
Largest general OSD and OLD capacity in the country to produce 5 Bn tablets and 2 Mn litres of liquids per annum – can cater up to 40% of the national OSD demand.
R&D focused dedicated manufacturing line consisting of advanced technology.
High level of automation and minimum human interaction with PLC controlled machinery on par with latest global technology.
1st zero liquid discharge effluent treatment plant in Sri Lanka.
One of the best purified water treatment plants in the country and water quality standards are much higher than the BP requirement.
Plant is at SLINTEC park with a research collaboration with SLINTEC.


At Morison, we are persistent in stepping up our quality systems across our manufacturing, laboratory facilities and new product development functions, by continuously investing to comply with the highest quality standards through;

  • Quality management systems in compliance with WHO and EU cGMP quality standards
  • Strict adherence to all quality testing requirements prescribed by BP or USP
  • Microbiology and chemical laboratories comply to WHO GLP guidelines
  • All laboratory equipment comprises of inbuilt data authenticity and data integrity facilities
  • High-tech analytical instruments ensuring high level of analytical data accuracy

Our future

New product development

Morison is collaborating with reputed international contract research organizations to expedite development of novel therapies.

Dedicated manufacturing line for new products equipped with advanced technology such as Low RH, roller compaction, palletization, granule coating targeting combinations, SR, MR etc.

Will be launching a trusted range of locally manufactured branded pharmaceuticals with both well-established key essential molecules and latest globally recognized novel therapies of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Contract manufacturing

Currently working with global pharma principals through synergies from Hemas Group, to bring the best technology to Sri Lanka and contract manufacture their products locally 


We will be in the best position to initiate exports in Sri Lanka by extending our contract manufacturing alliances of the Hemas Group