Life at Morison

We at Morison consider it a privilege to be a part of a larger purpose of “Making Premium Healthcare Affordable”

Our Culture

The four pillar “360 You” concept of Hemas believes the fact that when an employee comes to work, a whole human being comes to work.

The various roles our employees play as son, daughter, sibling, spouse, parent, friend, committee member of a social service club; they all occupy your mind as you go about your work. Your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual wellbeing; the various interests you have in your life like sports, performing arts, hobbies etc. makes you who you are and at least a small part of it lingers in your mind while you continue to carry out your role and responsibilities as an employee at Morison. Thus, unlike other establishments, we address you as a human being and try to elevate, encourage and provide necessary guidance to navigate your life balancing both personal and professional life.

Nadira Perera - Manager (Business Systems & IT Infrastructure

Aligning with the Hemas Group’s vision of making Hemas the healthiest workforce in Sri Lanka, various wellness initiatives and programmes are conducted at Morison, focusing on the employees’ physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The company recognizes that your health and wellness is key to your contribution to the Morison team, your families and society.

A healthy body and healthy mind bring out the best in a person to cope with all the daily challenges that career, as well as life as a whole, thrust upon us. Therefore, our nutritional programmes provide the necessary immunity to all our employees to become stronger, healthier beings, whose contribution become more effective and efficient as time goes by treading on this path cared for by Morsion.

Ishanka Perera - Assistant Manager (HR Business Partner Sales)

Steve Jobs once said that “It’s not the tools you have faith in. Tools are just tools — they work, or they don’t work. It’s the people you have faith in or not”. And that is exactly what Morison did with me when they hired me to the role of Senior Executive – HR. Company trusted me to have the capabilities and skills to take over the role. Since then, my career at Morison has been rewarding in many ways. One thing that I enjoy the most at Morison is empowerment.

Morison has given me the freedom to voice my opinion and mold plans around my role which has given me more confidence and has enhanced my ability to perform better in my role. And more importantly my manager has confidence in me that I will make the right decisions and do the right thing by the Organization.

When I look around, I understand that not many gets the opportunities I have got because of empowerment and the trust company, and my supervisor has on me. I am thankful for Morison for the opportunities it provides me in shaping my career through empowerment.

Raveeja Godallawatta - Assistant Manager (Production)

Excellence is all about finding the right balance in everything we do. It reflects smartness, intelligence and potential to make wise choices among many alternatives.

Working in a manufacturing environment is an everyday roller coaster where finding the right balance between quality and quantity is the prime objective for which one need to play multiple roles. In simple terms production personnel has to operate as a planning, quality, HR, supply chain manager within the department. Thus, maintaining the correct equilibrium among these functions is a vital skill one must excel as a manufacturing professional. Morison provided me the correct guidance to nurture such skills and created an open atmosphere to exercise the same regardless the gender and age. Hence achieving excellence in everything task I performed was not challenging as it seemed.

Furthermore, work life balance was never a part of my “Bucket list” as there were no collisions between two. Morison laid the path for me to build a flourishing career where my family never missed me in the process. I consider myself very fortunate to having started my career in Morison which enabled me to excel in the professional life while becoming a responsible citizen and loving member to my family.

Nuwan Dharmasena - Country Manager (Roche PD)

People are unique by their professions, strengths, aspirations, and the culture they are being molded with. I feel I am around with so unique and diverse people as we, Morison always embraces the diversity in the workforce.

As we are in the healthcare industry, which is so important that we are more in tune with the customers, patients, and stakeholders identifying the needs. Bringing in people with different backgrounds and perspectives can generate an array of insights, solutions, and ideas, which drive better customer service delivery.

Morison culture encourages not only inter-team diversity but Intra team diversity across the company by creating cross-functional teams. It brings diversity of ideas and approaches, allows cross-functional teams to find a solution that considers multiple angles of the problem, thus driving for stronger and well-rounded, optimized solutions while thriving in a highly uncertain competitive environment.

I am so passionate to work in such a diverse environment, which thrives me to bring my perspective to the team and to Morison as I believe “The best workforce is a diverse workforce”.

Our People

Meet Chandana, he is a Field Manager in our Distributed Pharma vertical attached to ATCO Laboratories.

"I am truly proud be an employee at Morison. It's my belief that the positivity within Morison is what made the difference. I joined as a Medical Representative & was upgraded to Area Sales Manager to ATCO laboratories. As the mere principle of Marketing suggests, we should adopt and improvise according to changes in the market environment, so we can either sit there and wait or go beyond our comfort zone to deliver extraordinary achievements. It can benefit all of us to shift our thinking from challenge mode to opportunity mode. The same drove me to achieve big during the period of 2020/2021. It's time for us to go beyond & drive for more as our individual success comes together for Organizational prosperity across all parts of the business."

Meet Sahani, she is an Executive – Customer/Application support

“I am a Biomedical Engineering graduate. I joined Morison as an Executive - Customer/Application support. In my working period in the Roche diagnostics department, I learned extensively about our product portfolio and received valuable trainings. During my time at Morison, I got to work in the field with customers and get to expose to the healthcare sector. Morison helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses to help me grow in my career as well as an individual. The tremendous support given by my team gave me confidence to work as this is my first work experience."

Meet Aruna, he is an Assistant Manager – Production Planning in Manufacturing plant in Mutwal

"The Secret to success is commitment. I joined Morison as a fresh graduate. Since that it has been a journey with challenges and continuous improvement.
Planning is a centralized function in a company. Every day we must face new challenges with the dynamic working environment. My goal is to face the challenges and build a successful career through my own leadership and thereby contribute to the success of the organization. The lean management project was the major changing point of my career. Now I have embarked on a new journey with my team, and I strongly believe that I can serve Morison through it."

Meet Fazlan, he is an Executive – Technical Services

"At some point in an individual’s career, he or she might want to switch their path due to various reasons. Morison has facilitated my career shift to meet my expectations
“I am a B.Pharma graduate. I joined Morison as a Quality Control - Executive. In my working period in the Quality Control, I learned extensively about analyzing the quality of the pharmaceutical products. After completing one year in the department, I felt I am more suited to work in developing protocols and preparing protocols and reports. Hence, I decided to move into Technical Services Department. Morison helped me to identify my strength and allowed me to change my department to work in a field I am more suited to. It’s always nice to enrich your brain with knowledge and gain experience from different aspects of industrial world given that you are suited to that particular field."

Meet Rishni, she is an Executive – Research & Development

“Throughout my time at Morison, there has been emphasis on organization, of not just large projects, but also on the small details that are often glossed over. Hence, by observing my co-workers and the entire company, it has instilled a sense of organization and pride in my work. In addition, team cohesion is often a vital aspect of working in a team. Consequently, the R&D team and I have strived to develop that cohesion, to allow us to surmount any daunting projects ahead of us, whilst having fun!”

Meet Prasad, he is a Service Engineer – Roche Diagnostics

"Here at Morison, we provide ample of opportunities for individuals to develop in their career path. Hear it from Prasad. He recently got promoted as a Senior Executive service engineer.
"I joined Morison as a trainee service Engineer to the Roche Professional Diagnostics. Morison is the local representative of Roche. Roche is the one of the leading health care providers in the world. As an Engineer working with bio medical devices and instruments, technology is updating day by day. Because of that I have experienced a lot of local and overseas learning opportunities while working in Morison. Comfortable and friendly nature at Morison empowers us to deliver more output.
The performance-oriented culture of Morison encourages employees to achieve their goals and deliver the best output. We have installed the 1st high capacity, fully automated covid PCR unit in Sri Lanka during these pandemic times, which showcase our team effort and collaboration of the individuals at Morison. It is a huge milestone in the history of Morison. I would like to continue my journey with Morison by delivering my utmost potential. I am proud be a member of Morison family."

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