Being a part of Hemas, Morison is committed to “enrich the lives of its employees”.

The four pillar “360 You” concept of Hemas believes the fact that when an employee comes to work, a whole human being comes to work.

The various roles our employees play as son, daughter, sibling, spouse, parent, friend, committee member of a social service club; they all occupy your mind as you go about your work. Your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual wellbeing; the various interests you have in your life like sports, performing arts, hobbies etc. makes you who you are and at least a small part of it lingers in your mind while you continue to carry out your role and responsibilities as an employee at Morison. Thus, unlike other establishments, we address you as a human being and try to elevate, encourage and provide necessary guidance to navigate your life balancing both personal and professional life.