Our Brands

Our Brands

Morison’s Lacto Calamine

A highly versatile product Morison’sLacto Calamine has been manufactured in Sri Lanka by J.L. Morison’s as a lotion and powder since 1952. Morison’s Lacto Calamine is a non-greasy, soothing lotion for application in cases of prickly heat, urticaria, sunburn and pruritus.

The powder, having all the benefits of the lotion, is more commonly used for toddlers. And can also be used as a foundation for make-up.

A recent addition to the Lacto Calamine portfolio is the production of a cream utilizing a new formula specially designed for the harsh effects of the natural Sri Lankan climate. This new and improved formula has the added benefits of maintaining the natural moisture of the skin as well as sunscreen properties.

Our continuous efforts to improve on our established brands and all the aforementioned properties have made Morison’s Lacto Calamine a trusted brand in Sri Lanka and a necessity for every Sri Lankan concerned about fair and healthy skin.


Morning Pride

Morning Pride shaving cream provides a great start to every man’s day. MP Brushless Classic and MP Rich Lather Classic lubricates the razor to allow for a smooth glide on the face with a deep, soothing cleansing action that leaves the skin hydrated and refreshed. In addition to repairing and eliminating damaged and dead skin the shaving cream also pulls back the years with its toning and tightening effect on the face. MP Brushless classic and MP Rich Lather classic truly wash away yesterday.

For sensitive skin our patented MP shaving cream has incorporated the aforementioned properties with non-allergenicity, non-toxicity and an added delicate fragrance. 

All three are manufactured in Sri Lanka by MSJ Industries (Ceylon) Limited and are SLS certified products.

The latest addition to the Morning Pride family is the Morning Pride Brushless Classic and Lime. This new product has an appealing fragrance with the added benefit of cooling the skin after a shave.


Morison’s Gripe Mixture

Registered with the Cosmetic Devises and Drug Authority of Sri Lanka, Morison’s Gripe Mixture is a popular over-the-counter home remedy for infants and children suffering from stomach or bowel disorders. Morison’s Gripe Mixture effectively eases pain caused by acidity, flatulence and errors in feeding.

It is made to the highest standards using the best ingredients available because we understand that an infants’ health is the most important thing to a parent. This understanding and dedication to quality has made Morison’s Gripe Mixture a trusted and leading brand in the Sri Lankan Infant Carminative Syrup market.


Morison’s Valmelix

Morison’s Valmelix has been specifically designed to provide quick relief from coughs and sore throats. It is is a non-sedative cough suppressant and currently the only over-the-counter western expectorant available in the market. Built on a tradition of trust, Morison’s Valmelix has been relied upon to to provide relief from coughs and sore throats for over 50 years.


Morison’s Baby

A mother knows that a baby is life’s most fragile and greatest gift. One that will need constant care and love. As a parent she is determined to provide her child with only the best. And so are we.

From our clinically proven baby cologne and cream to our ergonomically tested diapers and bottle teats, we provide parents with essential products of the highest caliber. Trusted by Sri Lankan mothers for generations we take our responsibility to them seriously and believe that mother always knows best.