Biocon is Asia's premier bio pharmaceutical company, that is driven by the vision to make a difference to global healthcare through improved access to high quality, life-saving bio therapeutics, by making them affordable for patients across the world. Biocon has evolved from manufacturing pharmaceuticals like statins and immunosuppressants to discovering, developing and producing biologic in chronic therapies such as diabetes, oncology, and immunology for global markets. With a combination of specialized talent, state-of-the-art research, and manufacturing infrastructure and a culture of deep science and regulatory compliance have differentiated Biocon in the marketplace and given a distinct competitive edge, leading towards recognizing it as a credible global biopharmaceutical brand.


Biosimilars: Human Insulin


Insugen R is short-acting regular insulin that is used to control the post-meal surge in glucose level as a treatment for diabetic mellitus. Insulin is a natural element formed by the pancreas that helps in converting glucose for energy production. Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus might not be able to use glucose due to the inadequate creation of insulin or due to the body's incapability to process insulin or both. This medication aids in the conversion and regulating blood glucose of patients suffering from Diabetic Mellitus, helping them to function day to day activities with ease overcoming the challenges that Diabetes pose.


Insurgen N is quite similar to Insugen R with the only difference is being a prolong solution in controlling the fast glucose levels in the body. Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus will benefit from using this solution as the medication supports in processing and regulating blood glucose of patients.


Packing all the health benefits and functions of INSUGEN R and INSUGEN NPH; INSUGEN 30/70 is an intermediary product that contains 30% regular insulin and 70% Insulin NPH, which allows it to adapt and regulate blood glucose levels in the body according to the necessity risen as per the given condition.

Insulin Glargine


Insulin Glargine is long-acting biosynthetic human insulin, which allows retaining the body’s glucose-lowering property for 24 hours without a pronounced plasma peak with just one injection. Due to this nature, the insulin analog is preferred for maintaining the basal insulin level (the level of insulin after an overnight fast) throughout the day.