Colombo, Tuesday 5th December 2017:Morison PLC, a leading healthcare and  personal care provider in Sri Lanka and asubsidiary of Hemas Holdings PLC, announced its first steps into regionalshores with the distribution of its baby diaper brand, ‘Bunnies’ in Myanmar. Thedistribution of the first shipment of ‘Bunnies’ baby diapers is set to commencein Myanmar in early December 2017.

Following extensive market research and insight gathered over the past few months, Morison PLC entered into a partnership with reputed distributor, SIN PHYU KYUN CO. LTD to distribute its products to the widely diverse consumer base in Myanmar. Armed with this distribution network, Morison PLC is well equipped to expand its product presence across a populace of over 53 million in the country.

Commenting on the expansion, Managing Director, Morison PLC, Trihan Perera said, “The expansion of our distribution operations to Myanmar with the first shipment of ‘Bunnies’ baby diapers denotes a significant milestone in Morison PLC’s journey of over seven decades. Since the inception, we have made steady progress in winning the hearts and minds of our consumers through high quality products, securing a position as a trusted provider of healthcare and personal care solutions in Sri Lanka. Venturing into foreign shores, therefore, is yet another step in the right direction in further expanding our presence and adding value to the lives of potential consumers. Our plans to proceed with exporting the Lacto Calamine range as well as Gripe Morison Mixture will take place simultaneously. We look forward to this phase of the journey with anticipation and reinforced vigour as we proceed with our plans to place Morison PLC on the global map.”

Group Chief Executive Officer, Hemas Holdings PLC, Steven Enderby said, “As Morison PLC embarks on its first steps into regional shores, we remain optimistic to see its progress in a new consumer segment in a different geography. While this is just the initial step towards establishing Morison PLC’s presence in a regional market, the company remains poised to explore other potential markets to distribute its portfolio of products in the days to come.”

Morison PLC commenced operations in Sri Lanka in 1939 as J.L. Morison Son & Jones (Ceylon) PLC, and was listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange in 1964. In May 2013, the Hemas Group acquired a controlling stake of the company. Today, it is a fully Sri Lankan owned company with over seven decades of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and renowned over-the-counter brands such as Morison’s Gripe Mixture, Lacto Calamine, and Valmelix, amongst others. The manufacturing process maintains stringent quality standards and is in compliance with the recognised pharmacopeia specifications and good manufacturing practices, in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.   

JL Morison