Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


M.S.J Industries (MSJI), a fully owned subsidiary of JLM, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of generic pharmaceutical products in Sri Lanka with over 70 formulations belonging to different therapeutic groups registered with the Cosmetics, Devices and Drugs Authority of Sri Lanka.

Commencing operations in 1959 we are one of the oldest and largest manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals in the country. We have been relied upon to produce pharmaceuticals for state corporations as well as the medical supplies division.

Our manufacturing facility, adjoining the Colombo Harbor, covers an area of 40,000 sq.ft. and houses our production facilities, quality control laboratory, development laboratory, stores and offices.

Our guiding principle is to serve our community by being a leading provider of quality affordable healthcare products that enrich their lives. To this end we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards possible – from our equipment to our personnel to the raw materials we use. The pharmaceuticals we manufacture comply with recognized pharmacopoeial specifications (BP, USP & IP) and we ensure it reaches the end user unchanged.